With driver shortages, clogged roadways and increasing governmental regulation, shipping solutions have become an increasing headache. Solutions that maximize the utility of the truck driver while minimizing the driver’s time in transit are key elements of consideration as the logistical needs of your business continue to expand.

ABDW Logistics provides access to all of the Class 1 rail carriers in North America, including Union Pacific, BNSF Railway, Canadian National, CSX Transportation, Kansas City Southern and Kansas City Southern of Mexico, Canadian Pacific and Norfolk Southern, utilizing transloading opportunities to provide access to the rail network. Our expertise can find a solution that incorporates the following desired elements:



Transportation products that value your priority in moving your freight in a timely manner


Personal service that delivers your freight when you expect it


Transportation solutions that are mindful of your bottom line

By taking advantage of the rail product, your business can experience avenues of growth that are least affected by the difficulties in the trucking market. As the economy continues its expansion, your business can gain a competitive advantage.




Galesburg, IL 

– liquid/bulk trainload spots available
– fenced, secure facility
– 2.5 acre concrete pad laydown space
– forklift/operator available onsite
– rail scale available


  • Libby, MT
    Libby, MT

    – 115 railcar spots
    – locomotive available onsite
    – 15 acres paved secure letdown space
    – truck scale onsite

  • Bureau Junction, IL
    Bureau Junction, IL

    – 10 gravel truck accessible railcar spots
    – electric, water, natural gas, lighting available
    – 4 acres of laydown space
    – access to all major rail carriers

  • Kenosha, WI
    Kenosha, WI

    – 55 car spots
    – 10 gravel truck accessible railcar spots
    – electric, water, natural gas, lighting available

  • Hammond, IN
    Hammond, IN

    – 50 car spots
    – onsite truck scale
    – 3 acres laydown space
    – convenient access to Chicago area highways

  • Harrold,  TX | Vernon, TX
    Harrold, TX | Vernon, TX

    – 150 car spots
    – transload space available

  • Litchfield, IL
    Litchfield, IL

    – liquid/bulk transload spots available
    – 6.5 acre fenced, secure gravel laydown area
    – 6 acre gravel/concrete laydown area with adjacent warehouse space
    – 30 car spots for storage

  • Palmdale, FL
    Palmdale, FL

    – five truck accessible railcar spots available
    – additional railcar storage space available onsite

ABDW Logistics provides representation for industrial and rail-served sites across the United States for railcar storage and transloading opportunities. For inquires relating to a specific region or local, our staff will provide information and contacts for sites that best fit the needs of business.


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